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  • Editore: Cisalpino Istituto Editoriale Universitario
  • Curatori: Paola M. Rossi, Cinzia Pieruccini
  • Collana: Quaderni di Acme
  • Collana Numero: 112
  • Edizione: Prima edizione
  • Pagine: XX - 380
  • Tipo di copertina: Brossura
  • Iconografia: Illustrazioni a colori
  • ISBN: 9788865210055
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2009
  • Dimensione copertina: 17 x 24

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Atti di convegno sulla letteratura indiana classica. Dalla Prefazione:

“The diffusion of Indian classical literature and the scholarship devoted to it are not as widespread as one would think. Neither do they correspond to the vastness and sophistication of the texts, which the authors of this highly prestigious tradition composed over a period of two thousand years. While this may appear strange, it is not entirely without explanation: in addition to several international and eminent scholars belonging to very active research centres, the traditional Indian point of view on classical literature or kavya might, in my opinion, have influenced the diffusion of texts belonging to such a literary tradition. In particular, in traditional India, as well as nowadays, wise men and scholars have always considered kavya to be a source of personal aesthetic experience, while serious and scientific efforts should be devoted to the understanding of religious and philosophical texts, which would grant a way to salvation. To draw a comparison with European literature and culture, it would mean that one could read the works of Petrarca, Boccaccio, Shakespeare or Goethe for the sake of his own pleasure, while one should only devote serious study to the texts of Medieval Scholastic theologians or Empirical philosophers.”

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