A Journey to Biomedical English and other Quips, Quirks, and Tales of Discovery

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  • Editore: Monduzzi Editoriale
  • Autori: Joseph Sepe, M.D.
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  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

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What do zinc fingers, chromosome 7, the discovery of insulin, brain mapping, The Ugly Duchess by Quent in Matsys, Capgras syndrome, Charles II of England, a goat gland quack, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  and many other loose ends in biology and medicine have in common?Apparently not much it seems, but scratch the surface to find that each have contributed to the medical lexicon in incalculable ways. Strawberry Tongue takes the reader on a peripatetic walk through the mind with frequent stops at the basal nuclei while you tie your shoes and learn a language, to the limbic system to meet the emotional gatekeeper, onto Deer Island to hear the story about influenza and Enza, before wandering aimlessly flapping your hands in search of trendy maladies and infamous cures. Along the way you may encounter Peter the wild boy, or weather a thyroid storm and you will never again let the sun set on emphysema, myxoma, small-bowl obstruction , an undrained abscess, or imprisoned pus. As a sign of scarlet fever and the title of this book, Strawberry Tongue licks at the joints and bites at the heart.


Joseph Sepe is a New Yorker, Endocrinologist, Consultant, Faculty Mentor and Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Maryland University College where he teaches classes in Nutrition and Human Health and Disease. He is the recipient of the UMUC Teaching Award and Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award. He has taught in Europe, “downrange” Middle East, and Afghanistan. He developed drought- and locust-resistant butternut squash for farmers in Western Afghanistan and designed a forest that was seeded by helicopter in coordination and cooperation with local government and NATO forces (The Civil Affairs Unite of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army and especially the unwavering support of the Transition Support Unit – 7° Reggimento alpini of the Italian Army – in Shindand District of Herat Province.

He is also Adjunct Professor of English in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli. His other books include Medical English for Research and Practice – Basic Medical Science – prima e seconda edizione, Idelson-Gnocchi L.t.d. Publishers Sorbona. Co-authored Laboratory Manual of Anatomy & Physiology for The University of Maryland University College, and coauthored The Mediterranean Diet – origins and myths Idelson-Gnocchi L.t.d. Publishers.

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